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Here are  few resources that may help you to get clarity and answer some of your questions.
Compensation and Positioning

Compensation Plan PDF

Compensation Plan Video

Why Start at Senior Manager  (Be patient, it may take some time to load)
The Product and Other Support

This is so important for you to understand.
The product is not the latest and greatest phone, rate plan or even the cellular service. That's all there but that's not what this is all about.
This is a system that will generate revenue and create leverage so you can get what you want. That might be money for a quarterly vacation, discretionary cash or money just to make ends meet. For others it might be the gratification of helping others get what they want, time freedom to spend more time doing what you love, more family time, traveling...

Training, knowledge and skills are critical in business. The training that's provided through the Vision Team's training website and Lightyear's training website is extensive.

Vision Team Training This is the training website specifically for your team the Vision Team.

The Lightyear Wireless Resource Center and Training is in the command center and is available once you join the team.

Generating Leads

Let's face it, the #1 thing that we as Networkers need is leads.

The problem is finding the RIGHT type of leads.  There are too many companies out there pushing oversold and over priced leads.  The best quality lead is one that is coming to YOU requesting information specifically about what you have!  Well I am happy to say that we have created such a lead - at an affordable price!

Lightyear Lead Program

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