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Tom Falconer        877-335-8447
About me

I've been in the wireless industry for more than 20 years. I was very fortunate to land a management position with a start-up company McCaw Cellular Communications also known as Cellular One which was purchase by AT&T for over 11.5 billion dollars in 1994. I was part of the team in central California involved in designing rate plans, launching new products, marketing and distribution management. My main function was to manage independent distributors, dealers and national retailers. My responsibilities included recruiting companies to sell wireless service, negotiate contract agreements, train distributors, assist in creating advertising campaigns and manage the advertising co-op program.

I left AT&T Wireless in 1998 and fulfilled one of my goals and started my own company Time Finders Inc. which I renamed in 2004. We provide cellular accessories and have focused on large companies and government entities such as Chevron, Occidental Petroleum, Comcast, California Highway Patrol, Caltrans and many more.

I would be committing mental malpractice if I didn't get involved with Lightyear Wireless.

I saw the potential and possibilities in Lightyear Wireless right away. After all I delivered five figure monthly residual checks to local dealers for the customers they brought on.

For more information, send me a request on Contact Me page, or call (559) 435-1784

Self Employed since 1998
Catering to mid to large organizations managing their wireless accessories needs with personalized service. We work hand in hand with purchasing departments following their guidelines.

AT&T Wireless/CellularOne
1989 to 1998
Management Team
Main function to recruit, train and motivate independent distributors.

Fresno Art Museum
Board of Directors 1998-2004
President 2003-2004
Vice President 2001- 2003
Executive Committee 1999- 2004

Merrill Lynch
Stock Broker/Financial Consultant
Responsibilities included prospecting and developing corporate, small business and individual investment accounts.


California State University Fresno
Bachelor of Science
Business Admin/Finance
San Diego State University
Computer Science
Web Hosting Companies